Every birth has a story, and every story is unique. I’ll help you find the words to remember yours by, and in your words, we’ll find your family’s inner heroes.


Your Birth, Your Voice

Through interviews with you and your birth team, I'll gather every gasp, groan, whisper, and cry, and translate them into words that match your voice to tell your story as only you could.

From First Drafts
to Photobooks

I offer something for everyone, whether you're just looking to translate your story into words on a page or to pair those words with photos in a finished book.

Spend Your Time

Where it Matters Most

You have enough joy on your hands. I'll capture the details for you, so you can cherish your family now and keep the memories forever.

Life itself is a most wonderful fairy tale.

- Hans Christian Andersen

 Latest Stories 

November 09, 2016

Let's suppose for a moment that everything had gone as planned. That you had arrived on Halloween, at four days past due and just a day past the full moon. That we labored for no more than twelve hours and that I breathed you out painlessly, without a single tear. That your sex had remained a secret until the moment of your birth, when Papà called out your name in a joyous reveal. That I enjoyed a tall glass of orange juice while you latched on wide-eyed to nurse. I had written such a wonderful story for you in my head and on paper in our birth plan. But I should have known: of course you would want to write your own...

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